A heart for hospitality, a mind for business.

Anchor Realty offers property management services in Virginia Beach, VA.

Anchor Realty Group is a family owned, operated, and focused business, serving the Virginia Beach area since 1957. Our founder, Jeanne Johnson, a beautiful, scrappy businesswoman and single mother built the company with grit and the expertise only a local can bring, and her legacy and devotion have stood the test of time.

Jeanne’s granddaughter, Katey, and husband, Matt came alongside the company serving in every capacity from cleaning and linens to maintenance and landscaping. In 2012 they purchased the company and continued to lead in the front of the vacation rental industry as their four girls were born and together they continued to dig deep roots in our beloved Virginia Beach community.

Matt and Katey exemplify a soul of hospitality. You will rarely see them without their tribe of blond haired girls wearing giggles and smiles, often with extra little ones in tow as they love and serve on behalf of the foster care system in the City of Virginia Beach. Their heart is for community and this is reflected in their family, their revolving door at home, and relationships and concern for the staff, guests, owners, and homes they represent, collectively.

As a result of their time in every aspect of the business through the years and as vacation rental property owners themselves, they bring a unique blend of expertise to their staff and the industry as a whole. Anchor Realty Group specializes in supporting our community and guests and we hope it is clear that our company is for you. We live and work every day to serve and celebrate our community and all that it represents.

Our Core Values

Relationships Matter.

Our idea of taking care of our clients and customers extends far beyond a single transaction. We believe once a relationship is established it is worth cultivating and caring for from that point forward.

Excellence in Service.

We believe that the successes and failures of our clients and customers rest on our performance. We own up to our mistakes and celebrate our victories.

Provide Solutions.

Anchor wants to be a company that anticipates + solves the problems for our clients.

Impact Where We Are.

We deeply value family and community. Everywhere Anchor Realty exists, we want to be a company that impacts the community for the better. This includes our service in the community and the way we buy, sell, and maintain our properties.

The Anchor Realty Group Community Initiative

This initiative was created to help us anticipate the needs of our community and help in any way we are able.  This is a tentative plan for the upcoming year, not an exhaustive list.  If you would like to link arms and get involved along with us, please email us at admin@anchorvirginia.com. We love doing life with you!


collection + delivery of used Christmas trees for shoreline development initiatives


valentines in the VIBE District


support + donations to Young Life and pro-life organizations in the surrounding areas


please send us your nominations for free landscaping for families in need


offering spring cleaning discounts


delivering donations to the SPCA of Virginia Beach


military appreciation landscaping and maintenance discounts


we are proud to support VESSELS, a Christian club for girls (grades 3-5), created to explore finding identity in Jesus through community, crafts + lessons! www.vesselsvb.com


collecting + delivering school supplies for local schools and teachers


Anchor offers free professional photos to families for Halloween


serve at a kitchen, coat + blanket drive


sponsor a foster child with Anchor Realty Group

Job Opportunities With Anchor

Anchor Realty Group is always looking for teammates who share our core values! For current job opportunities reach out today to admin@anchorvirginia.com.

We do more than just rentals.

While Anchor Realty Group is best known for providing peaceful, clean, and well-maintained vacation properties, we also offer a wide variety of services.

Lawn mower mowing the grass

Contact our team.

We'd love to hear about your needs and figure out how we can best serve you!