“Collect memories, not things.”

Anchor Realty Group is invested in giving you quality memories with your family and friends, & is so pleased and proud to partner with our neighbors, VB Surf Sessions!

Have you ever wanted to learn something new but been put off by the fear of feeling intimidated or embarrassed? This crew at VB Surf is as warm, welcoming, encouraging and kind as they are talented! You can trust yourself to them.

Their shop on 21st Street carries an amazing assortment of surfboards, paddleboards and surf gear for rental, or purchase. They also offer an assortment of lesson and camp opportunities to fit any family on any schedule, local or vacation renters alike!

For more information and some of your new favorite memories, check out their website: https://vbsurfsessions.com/HomePage.html or click HERE.

Want to hear more about real life experience and reviews?! Click HERE

Let them know we sent you and send us a photo of those first wild rides. Enjoy every minute!